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Have you wanted to share a testimony, or an encouraging story and bless more people than those in your immediate circle or, beyond those currently attached to your ministry or business?  
Here is your opportunity!

Look Up, When They Go Low We Go High
There is a rare opportunity for you to participate in this book line for pastors and first ladies. “LOOK UP - When They Go Low We Go High" contains thirty stories and downloads of wisdom from leading first ladies and leading pastors across the U.S.A.” 

 So join us in providing this unique resource, a new book featuring first ladies with empowering stories and testimonies to take the "high road."  
"I'm excited to be leading this encouraging book project!"
Linda G. Hodge
1st Lady at LPCC, Author, Mentor, Life Coach & Entrepreneur
Linda G. Hodge is a wife, mother, grandmother, author and eloquent motivational speaker. Linda also co-pastors with her husband, Dr. Fred L. Hodge Jr., at Living Praise Christian Center in Chatsworth and in Palmdale Calif. She has been married to Dr. Hodge for 35 plus years and has five children and eight grandchildren. 

Linda is a successful entrepreneur, author, and conference speaker. She has created and produced conference seminars and extreme makeovers designed to equip, support, and empower women to achieve their divine destiny. Linda has presently authored five books: Woman Under Construction, Woman Under Construction Tool Book, Winning In Life: How to Bounce Back from Adversity, 52 Questions and Answers for Singles and her newest release, “Bruised, But Not Broken: From Private Pain to Public Victory.”

Linda started this journey with her husband, and they founded Transformation Mentoring, which consists of workshops that delve deep into the soul to root out false beliefs and self-sabotaging behaviors. This life-changing mentoring program shows participants how to reposition and move forward in their dreams and desires.

A dynamic life coach, Linda works with women who have repeated patterns of self-sabotage, which has caused frustration, limited beliefs, and problematic behaviors. As a result of practicing her tools and systems, women learn to minimize their tendency to revert to prior habits and break-through self-imposed limitations. 

Those who implement Linda’s methods not only experience external behavior changes but also transform their internal thought processes. Since using her coaching services, countless women attest to living the quality of life they desire and deserve. Linda is a Certified Life Coach and dedicates her time to helping women walk in victory.
The Chicken Soup for the Soul book series was launched more than twenty years ago. The marketplace is begging for something fresh and meaningful that can teach and inspire with stories of victory, defeat, growing, learning ~ A Message in Bottle is a new empowerment book series following after Chicken Soup for the Soul. 
"Look Up" will be the first books to be published. They will be dual volumes; one with leading first ladies and one with leading pastors titled, ‘LOOK UP - When They Go Low We Go High’.
The Look Up series is intended to share advice in dealing with scenarios people face in those moments when they must make a decision to stoop to someone’s level or be the bigger person, thus going low or going high. 

You will be interviewed on a topic where a person has to make a choice to go high or go low. The goal is to inspire a “go high” decision and to help change perspectives to achieve better decisions and outcomes (everyday example: You buy something on LetGo, and it doesn’t work or it’s broken and you have to make the decision to blast someone for selling a damaged item or not).
• Between husband and wife
• Co worker situation
• Friend betrayal
• Boss situation
• Driving road rage situation
• When your character has been bashed
• When you have been lied on
• When your child is disrespectful to you
• When someone has done you wrong and you have the opportunity to get them back and hurt them publicly  
You could be one of 30 encouraging and empowering stories, providing women who are at a crossroad, deciding how to respond to a difficult situation, with a testimony, a story to lean on in choosing to "go high" or stoop low. You could serve as a resource to rely on, and hope in moving forward in right-standing and with awe-inspiring encouragement, equipping and empowerment that could change the course of their lives.

 Involved in a compassionate campaign for a kingdom cause, that encourages women in a unique way simply by sharing a testimony or story which attracts national media attention for all involved 
National Media Coverage
(Example of Potential Media Coverage Above)

Imagine this campaign at the top of a relevant category!
Amazon Ranking

This book could be a best-seller as well!
Amazon Ranking
Your involvement will help many women to make better decisions and could lead them to increase their faith and keep looking up!
"A Beautiful woman uses her lips for Truth, her voice for Kindness, her ears for Compassion, her hands for Charity and her heart for Love. For those who do not like her, she uses Prayer."
 – Jolly Rutten
This quote truly speaks to going high and staying high.  We thank YOU in advance for being the beautiful woman that you are and being willing to inspiring others to walk in their God-given, beauty and walk in Fruit of the Spirit, with the heart of God.

Your transformative stories and encouraging advice will certainly inspire women to recommend and share this book with their family, friends.   It will also bring visibility and exposure to you, your expertise and your ministry or programs.
It's a WIN-WIN!
The news of this empowering book will surely spread virally, and be pushed to the top of the charts after we run a national press release about it ~ there are so many to stand to benefit from the simple sharing of your inspiration story and testimony! 

You can contribute to providing a real and relevant resource that women can lean on for encouragement and equipping.
"Look Up: When They Go Low, We Go High"
Encouraging stories and wisdom from first ladies that can change lives.
Imagine this:
Author, Life Coach and first Lady, Linda G. Hodge, along with 29 other first ladies, present 30 stories and testimonies that give women inspiration to do the right thing, to respond in a righteous way as they share candidly how they were faced with situations that left them in front of crossroad and with a decision to take the "high road" or the low road. 

Empowering women with a relevant and relatable resource can change the trajectory of their decisions and thus, their lives. 
This will be launched to best-selling status… and you will be given full author credit accordingly. Then, you will be a best-selling author

 We just need you to contribute your encouragement, expertise and candid advice through stories to inspire and encourage women faced with tough decisions. 
 The process is simple. 
Each chapter contains 5 elements: 
  • 1. Story – Share a story about a topic or situation where you went high or low
  • 2. Influence – What lead you to make the decision you made? 
  • 3. Reflection – How could you have handled it differently (talk about how human nature wants to respond when done wrong and what influences people to go low)? 
  •  4. Scripture – What scripture supports going high in this situation? 
  •  5. Inspiration – Why is it important to go high? 
We Create Your Chapter For You
  • We will interview you for about 20 minutes and create your chapter for you.  
  • If needed, we can also help you flesh out and determine what story you should tell (we all have several - including you).
You Probably Have a Few Questions...
Do I have to write the chapter myself?
No, we will interview you for about 20 minutes and write your chapter for you.

What if I don't have a story that is good enough?
You do... and we will help you find it. This book will teach and inspire through stories and we are sure you have plenty of those.

Will I be an author of the book?
Yes, you'll be a fully credited author of the book. Plus we guarantee that it will be a best-seller, so you will also become a Best-Selling Author.

Do I get royalties?
No, we donate 100% of the retail royalties to a (TBD) non profit.

Can I get copies of the book?
Yes, you will receive 5 copies of the book. You will also get a link to order as many more of your books as you want at a life-time discounted rate.

Can I use this book to promote my ministry or business?
Absolutely. We even give you resources to help leverage the book as much as possible. You can give away digital copies for leads, mail copies to prospects, use the best-seller logo on your site and all over social media. You'll also be included in a national news release on ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX. 

How much of my time will this take, start to finish?
Aside from the 20-minute interview, there isn't much more time involved for you other than reviewing your chapter. We also do ask that you help promote the book at launch time, but we will provide the emails and social media posts.

When will the book be released?
We plan to launch this book in the fourth quarter of 2017.
This Book Project Includes:

Complimentary copies of the book!

You get 5 complimentary copies of the book.  Your chapter will also be moved to the front of the book when you choose the pay in full option.

Digital Book Cover and Chapter

You will receive a PDF version of the book. You can sell copies for whatever amount you set, or even give them away.

Best-Selling Author Seal

Digital seal showing that you are a best selling author. 

National News Release

Your name will appear in our official publicity campaign news release which will be seen on ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX affiliate station websites.

Discount On Books 

You can order as many books as you want for a discounted publisher's rate (minimum 20). This offer will not expire, so you can order them whenever you need.
There are three options to choose how to get started with "Look Up"
You can officially join by contributing $600 in full today. As a thank you, your story will be featured near the front of the book.

You can pay just $325 today, and again in 30 days.

Still have questions? 
Arrange to schedule time to speak with me, Linda G. Hodge.


To take the next step, click below. I am very excited about this project, and look forward to making an impact in the lives of women everywhere.
Are You Ready to Contribute?

Remember, Here's What You'll Get As A Contributor To "Look Up":

● 5 Paperback Copies

● Digital Copy

● Best-Selling Author Seal

● Featured In National News Release

● Promotion Kit
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