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You Have an Opportunity to Be a Key Player in The Next Best Selling Series of Empowerment Books for Women of Color (WOC)
This is for ALL women of color ~ Black, Latina, Hispanic, Indian, Native-American etc. 
This is an opportunity for you to encourage, empower and equip other women!  It's an opportunity to boost your own digital footprint and exposure while giving back to other WOC in business working at making their mark in the world ~ other "Mogulistas™ in the making".
Let's give AND grow together!
Kynia "Kyky" Starkey 
Co-Founder of FEM Moguls

I know what it's like to make six figures and lose it all. 

Divorce?  Been there, done that.  Chronic illness?  Been there, done that. Failed partnership(s)?  Been there, done that too! 

I know what it's like to reach a corporate glass ceiling, the top of a mountain, only to realize it's not even the mountain I wanted to climb.  

I know what it's like to help others approach great success and be left out of the reaping after much sowing.  

I know what it's like to fail and I KNOW I AM NOT ALONE!

I also know some of the greatest successes have come from some of the worst failures. 

I  have MANY success stories and I KNOW YOU DO TOO!

My FEM Moguls Co-Founder, Lisa "Cee-Cee" Williams and I are making some moves to the top and beyond, toward becoming MADE Mogulistas™ (savvy and secure female moguls) and we are taking those of you "Mogulistas™ in the Making" who are ready to make some moves... with us!

We are (re)building and growing our careers, businesses and brands while we help you and many other WOC (re)build and grow yours AND... we are giving back along the way!

This is an opportunity to journey with us as we journey with you, sharing some of our best lessons learned ~ from our worst failures AND our greatest seasons of success. 

We are "Mogulistas™ in the making, making moves! 

Wanna come?
I don't know what your challenges have been, but in addition to life's challenges, I do know that there are some challenges unique to females in business...
The American Express Open report stated, As of 2016, it is estimated that there are now 11.3 million (11,313,900) women-owned businesses in the United States

Between 2007 and 2016, the number of women-owned firms increased by 45%.
  • ALL female entrepreneurs and women seeking to elevate in our respective industries can use resources, tools and support dedicated to specifically for women but statistically, women of color are in need of  help all the MORE...
“As of 2016, there are an estimated 1.9 million African American women-owned firms, employing 376,500 workers and generating $51.4 billion in revenues.
Between 2007 and 2016, the numbers of African American women-owned firms increased by 112% - more than doubling in number and far out shadowing the overall 45% increase among all women-owned firms”.
On paper, women business owners are on fire! But theory and practice can be very different, especially for Women of Color in general and even more so for African-American Women in particular. 
  • The statistics below actually inspired the creation of the Mogulista™ Movement, the Mogulistas In The Makingbook and the soon-to-be radio show, Mogulista™ Radio:
  • ”Overall, women- owned firms average $143,431 in annual revenues per firm, with non-minority women-owned firms averaging $201,948 in annual revenues and minority women-owned firms averaging $68,982."
  • "Looking across all minority groups, average annual revenues are highest among Asian American women-owned firms ($184,669), followed by $75,170 among Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander women-owned firms, $68,141 among Native American/ Alaska Native women-owned firms, $52,087 among Latina-owned firms, and $26,550 among African American women-owned firms."
  • ~ The State of Women-Owned Businesses, 2016 American Express Open Report
  •  “Women are literally working themselves to death.” 
  • ~ Ohio State & Mayo Clinic 2017
Besides the disparaging statistics for women business owners when put alongside male counterparts, note the huge difference for all women of color (averaging about $143K) along side White women-owned firms (averaging over $200K) and note the number for African American women-owned firms alone (averaging just $26K). 


 In fact, when my partner, book publisher Lisa Williams, came across the statistics above that was it! We joined feminine forces ~ Fem Moguls and the Mogulista™ book and radio show were birthed!  

This is your invitation to join us and contribute to a dynamic, life-changing book project as a contributor and expert of your experiences as a WOC with a success story. Whether your business helps WOC business owners specifically or not, this is a valuable opportunity for you and your business as a WOC. The book is entitled, Mogulistas™ Making Moves: 30 Downloads and Success Stories from Women of Color in Business.
Is there a cost to be a contributor? 
There is a minimal investment of $600 that is required and will be used to “Get The Word Out” about the book. The cost to publish a book and launch a national media and PR campaign can be very expensive. The publishing company is not asking you to pay to play, they are asking you to invest to help promote. The Marketing efforts will recognize you as a contributor and will highlight your contribution, your "give back" to other women in business and will greatly benefit your own career, business or brand. 

The exposure and increased credibility that you will gain is invaluable and will be forever imprinted on Google and Amazon... leaving a piece of your story and a legacy  for WOC business owners to come!  
How much money can I make?
This project is not about royalties... it’s about getting a message to those who need it! And the by-products can be endless! This project intersects personal social responsibility, collaboration, crowdsourcing and leveraging publicity and publishing to allow all involved to benefit. The publishing company takes no royalties (retail royalties are donated to a charity which we are finalizing) and each contributor is asked to do the same. 

You will retain full IP ownership and control of your chapter content but the publishing company will own the IP of the book. Donating Retail Royalties endorses your commitment to cause marketing By giving back to a woman that is walking a path you walked it is almost like reaching back in time to YOU, the women who was striving to making moves.  It's an unique opportunity to sow into another's career and/or business AND reap in your own. 

Personal and Corporate Social Responsibility Matters Today!

“Cause marketing and social responsibility as a whole is something that all businesses and brands should be trying to incorporate into their business plans. If not, they can expect their audience to turn to competitors who are.” ~ Huffington Post, August 2016

“By leveraging your CSR efforts with a proactive PR strategy, the public eye will take notice of the work your company is doing, which studies show heavily influences buying decisions.”  ~ JoTo PR, September 2016
What makes this book different from others and beneficial to you?
• Distinguishes you from others!  As everyone is donating their retail royalties, it creates an huge story to for the media to share. Successful executives and business owners don’t typically waive royalties.  This alone sets you apart in your industry and field and creates a greater opportunity for more exposure.

• You don' t have to be a writer!  Those that participate in our books speak their chapter. We interview you by phone to get the content for your chapter and walk you through telling your story. After that, we take care of the actual writing. Your time commitment is less than 5 hours.

• Quick publishing! Because of our phone interview process, soup to nuts is usually within 60-90 days.

• Greater positioning! We specialize in multi-author books so we know how to position you, and by nature of being chosen, your credibility and authority will increase.

• Growing AND giving simultaneously! You have the opportunity to not only give back, but also grow your list, your business and get your brand more exposure because readers will be able to connect with you through a dynamic QR code that will be at the end of each chapter. This code will link them to additional online content, and the online destination can be changed at anytime.
If you are not sure yet, let me share a bit more with you about the cyclical cause/effects of the statistics unique to women in business... 
Some of the top challenges we, as women in business, are uniquely facing include:
  •  Generating comparatively lower annual revenues and salaries
  •  Being first generation entrepreneurs
  •  Working long hours that are causing illnesses
  •  Not getting funding that men are getting
  •  Trying to build our businesses on our personal savings
  •  Going at it alone
  •  Having a difficult time delegating
  •  Having to work even harder to gain respect, and credibility
  •  Lacking access to female mentors in our industry or female mentors that look like us and are successful
  •  Making considerably less than our male counterparts
  •  Not receiving the credit we deserve
  •  Lacking the confidence we should have
  •  Over-extending ourselves
  •  Lacking the time men have to build and grow their businesses
  •  Having a great fear of failure 
This book is intended to speak intimately to WOC in business by providing valuable content for Women of Color from Women of Color.

AND… by participating in this unique marketing opportunity, you can bring incredible real-world national media exposure to your business and brand!!  
It's a Win-Win!
Maybe you are like me, working to get back on top of your game or perhaps you are out there grinding but not growing as fast as you'd like, would like a seat at a bigger table or are just starting to build your business/ brand. If so, exposure and visibility is what you need. This is an incredible opportunity to truly (re)build, grow and up-level!

It is also a unique opportunity to begin to collaborate with other WOC and join a community of ambitious, like-minded and like-spirited women from a variety of industries and walks of life as we journey together as "Mogulistas™ in the making."

Innovators Publishing & Media and Lisa "Cee-Cee" Williams
Media Mogul, Barbara Corcoran, commended FEM Moguls, Mogulista™ Movement Co-founder and Innovators Publishing & Media (formerly Augmented Publishing Group) Owner Lisa "Cee-Cee" Williams on her Authority Marketing approach and described it as clever and advantageous for ANY entrepreneur.
CLICK to WATCH Barbara Corcoran speak on Media PR as "The best PR move I ever made."
Are You Ready to Begin to Share Your Story and Leverage Media PR and Authority Marketing?
Lisa and I are Co-Founders of FEM Moguls and we are committed to encouraging, empowering and equipping Mogulistas™ to achieve "MADE Mogulista™" levels just like Barbara Corcoran, and so many other female moguls using new and innovative approaches to marketing ~ leveraging media one story, one journey, one testimony at a time.
If you ARE ready to make some moves for yourself, you have to be ready to invest IN yourself ~ in your business, in your brand.  
Join me, Kyky, today and begin to TAKE AUTHORITY over your entrepreneurial future while you positively influence MANY other WOC who could use the encouragement and empowerment! 
  • This book will be a GPS for women running their own business(es), women executives, and every woman in between, showing them how to navigate the road we travel on as professional WOC and guide them through the best route with real time help from WOC… just like the Waze app does that many of us use every day!

This Sounds Nice But Specifically, WIIFM (What's In It for Me?)

Well… several things:
• Becoming a published author is one of the highest forms credibility, your leadership and willingness to give back will matter to people.

• You’ll have a unique sales tool that can be leveraged in many ways: You can sell copies of your book when you speak, give copies away to prospects, clients, and colleagues to introduce them to you and your brand, or use your book for lead gen to give to referrals. Your chapter becomes a very effective positioning tool by nature of the project.

• You will be fulfilling your Personal Social Responsibility (PSR - the new philanthropy for individuals) at its finest, as copies of the book will be donated to schools, non-profits and market segments of women from your contribution and through sponsors buying bulk order that will also be donated.

• You will have a perpetual marketing campaign working for you every time one of the other contributors sells, or gives a copy of the book to someone. So, for your nominal marketing investment to "help get the word out," the other women featured in the book become sales people working for you, getting you exposure as long as the book is in print!

• Lastly, you will be set apart standing out from your competitors no matter what industry they’re in.

Other benefits you will receive:

• The featuring of your own chapter in the book with a Dynamic QR Code at the end of your chapter that dynamically links to more content online about you!

• Five (5) physical soft cover copies.

• Name inclusion in two National Press Releases to ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX affiliates and many other outlets!

• A Social media engagement plan.

• A Press release announcing your book deal.

• Ability to purchase additional copies at publishers discount lifetime price.
Click on the image below to see the results of The Chalk Collective when published by Innovators Publishing & Media (formerly Augmented Publishing Group)
Click on the image below to see the snapshot of the Chalk Collective multi-author book on Amazon.  Your participation as a contributing author will show up in the same way.  Click here to visit the live page.
"Lisa Williams is a catalyst for collaboration and has a heart and the
resources to help women elevate."

Tashion Macon, PhD, MBA, Brand Strategist works with elite
entertainers + corporate + visionary leaders - Faith, Fame & Freedom
And if that wasn't enough...
There IS more...
  • You will be interviewed on my new Radio Show "Mogulistas" which will be syndicated to iTunes, iHeart, Stitcher, Speaker and your episodes wcould be included in WCKG Chicago's “Best of Business Innovators Radio” On Demand Library
  • We will, show you how to Parlay your Participation into Profit! There will be a webinar “Leveraging Your Contribution for Profit” after the book publishes.
There will also be a best-seller campaign. Innovators Publishing & Media (formerly Augmented Publishing Group) has helped hundreds of authors get their book to best-selling status and they are confident that this one will reach best-selling status on Amazon as well.
Click on the image below to see some of the accomplishments of Innovators Publishing & Media (formerly Augmented Publishing Group):
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